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Phosphate homeostatis.

These learning modules aim to provide a deeper understanding of how phosphate homeostasis is coordinated and regulated, the underlying pathophysiological mechanisms and clinical consequences of phosphate dysregulation, and the current approaches to the diagnosis and management of these disorders.

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Other Resources

APPES has a number of educational resources available, in the member section of this website.  If you are not yet a member, you may like to consider joining to access educational resources such as presentations on:

Topic Speaker
Neonatal endocrinology Sudho Rao (India)
Lipids Shubha Srinivasan (Australia)
Thyroid Paul Benetiz (Australia)
Puberty Yoo-Mi Kim (South Korea)
Obesity Claudia K Fox (USA)
Diabetes Technology Martin de Bock (New Zealand)
Genetics Satoshi Narumi (Japan)
Pediatric Cushing Syndrome Constantine A Stratakis (Greece)
A Practical Approach to Short Stature Prof Paul Hofman (New Zealand)
Adrenal Insufficiency Prof Nalini Shah (India)
Early Type 1 Diabetes Dr Yoo-Mi Kim (Sth Korea)
Pediatric DKA and HHS Dr Nicole Glaser  (USA)
Diabetes Management in Limited Resource Settings Dr Leena Priyambada (India)
Disorders of Sodium and Water Homeostasis A/Prof Tony Huynh (Australia)
Hypo and Hypercalcemia Dr Nawaporn Numbenjapon (Thailand)
Neonatal Hypoglycemia Dr Sylvia Estrada (Philippines)
DSD A/Prof Louise Conwell (Australia)
Bone A/Prof Takuo Kubota (Japan)
Growth Professor Dr Mohammad Yazid (Malaysia)
Bone and Calcium Professor Craig Munns (Australia)
Cancer Late Effects Dr Tohru Yorifuji (Japan)
Endocrine Emergencies Dr Peter Simm (Australia)
Diabetes T1 Dr Jeff Kao (Australia)