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Types of Membership
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Types of Membership

Membership Categories

The Membership shall consist of:

Full Members
A health professional who is actively involved in the care of children and adolescents with diabetes or an endocrine or metabolic disorder or any related health professional who is working predominantly in this specialty for one year or more. A Full Member shall enjoy all privileges of full membership including voting right and are eligible for office of the Council.

Honorary Members
Eminent persons in the field of paediatric endocrinology and metabolic disorders may be invited by the Committee to be Honorary Members of the Association. Honorary Members shall enjoy all the privileges of full members except that they shall have no voting right or be eligible for any office of the Committee.

The previously existing category of Associate Membership has been removed following the 2002 Annual General meeting. Fees have been reduced to facilitate membership of all health professionals involved in the field.

Fee Structure - full members
5 year: AU$100
10 years: AU$150

APPES Types of Membership
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