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Continuing education & scientific meetings – a major objective of APPES
Organizing and facilitating quality educational and scientific meetings is one of the primary objectives of APPES. As such, APPES is an important regional paediatric endocrine society facilitating scientific exchange between health professionals in the field of paediatric endocrinology, both within our region and beyond. In addition APPES has been able to offer a generous number of travel grants for members to attend other international meetings in the field.

APPES has a proud record of organising meetings and educational activities in its short history (see previous meetings) and will continue to be involved in the facilitation and organisation of similar meetings (see upcoming meetings), with the following general format:

1. Biennial Scientific Meeting
APPES aims to hold a major regional scientific meeting in the field of paediatric endocrinology every 2 years. These have proved to be excellent meetings with a mixture of expert regional and international speakers and well attended by delegates from across the region. Travel fellowships are awarded to some trainees and presenters.

2. APPES Fellows training meeting
These meetings are held biennially in association with the Scientific Meeting. The aim is to provide an interactive update in Paediatric Endocrinology for trainees who have substantially completed their Paediatric Endocrine training. The format is predominantly interactive, case-based discussions which are complemented by provision of lecture summaries and notes. Preference is given to APPES members and travel sponsorship is available. The faculty is composed of highly regarded clinicians and scientists from the region, complemented by invited international guests.

3. APPES Paediatric Endocrinology Course
These meetings are held in the alternate year to the Biennial Scientific and Fellows meetings. They are generally geared to delegates from a sub-regional area within the Asia Pacific region and are designed for trainees in the early stages of their Paediatric Endocrine training. The format is a mixture of didactic and interactive sessions, complemented by provision of training notes. Travel sponsorship is available. The faculty is composed of local regional clinicians and scientists who are experts in their field.

APPES Meeting
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